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Python-based testing platform for your network

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Why test your network / business drivers?

Use Netpicker for network validation, security & compliance


Harden your network with the best practices from vendors (CIS)


Proactively scan your network for common vulnerabilities (CVEs)


Comply with your regulatory obligations (NIS2, ISO27001 a.o.)


Validate your network design based on company-specific rules


Advanced monitoring and (un)planned change validation

What you can test

Write your own tests.

Use your Python skills for maximum flexibility.

def cve_2023_20198(configuration):
# Checks CVE-2023-20198, Cisco IOS XE Software Web UI Feature
assert ‘no ip http secure-server’ in configuration

Netpicker enables you to run automated Python tests against your device configurations, show command output and real-time data from APIs like Netbox or Slurp’it. We provide libraries in pytest format for CIS hardening, common design validations, CVE checks and many more. You can use any Python code you want to create the test you need for your use case.

Easy to use

Not a coder? No problem.

Use our powerful GUI to get things done.



show arp

Must include the text:

Regular expression?


Command output

show arp: Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface Internet 97 000c.292e.36b6 ARPA Ethernet0/3 Internet 214 000c.2987.5096 ARPA Ethernet0/3 Internet 196 5000.0001.0000 ARPA Ethernet0/3


Netpicker is designed for network and NetDevOps engineers. We provide an easy-to-use, graphical interface to check the configs of your devices and run real-time show commands.

Our Custom GPT

Need help writing a test?

Use the Netpicker Network Test Creator

Netpicker Network Test Creator

Netpicker Network Test Creator

Helps network engineers create custom Python unit tests for Netpicker.

Our custom GPT, the Netpicker Network Test Creator, uses ChatGPT with our documentation to help you write a test for any scenario! Just ask the GPT what you want to test and it will create a rule for you.

Open source

Community-supported libraries.

Included with Netpicker.

Netpicker has an active open-source community on Slack and GitHub. We are constantly adding new vendor modules for our Kopimiko device backup library and adding new CIS and CVE tests to our pytest-for-networking repository. We invite you to join our community on Slack and contribute to the project.


You can run tests against

Config backups

Backup configs, compare and diff

Show commands

Run any show command, real-time or stored

API / Controllers

Run any API call and test against output

Data sources

Run tests against any data source

Supported vendors

117+ network vendors.

Netpicker supports Cisco, Juniper, Aruba, Arista.

Palo Alto Networks logo image/svg+xml A cybersecurity and networking company based in United States

Netpicker stores backups of your device configurations. You can easily restore a backup to a device or compare two backups to see what has changed. Netpicker supports 117+ vendors using the Netmiko library such as Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Aruba, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Checkpoint, F5, and many more.


Engineer-friendly REST API.

For all your automation desires.


GET /api/v1/devices/{tenant}/ Get all devices

GET /api/v1/devices/{tenant}/{device} Get device

PATCH /api/v1/devices/{tenant}/ Edit device

DELETE /api/v1/devices/{tenant}/ Delete device

POST /api/v1/devices/{tenant}/ Create device

Netpicker provides a REST API to manage your devices, backups and tests. You can run CLI show commands, run tests, and restore backups from the API. The API is documented with Swagger / OpenAPI and you can try it out in our sandbox environment.