What can I use Netpicker for?

Netpicker is designed for network and NetDevOps engineers. We aim to provide the best tools possible for network design validation, security assessments and network compliance audits.

For network engineers, Netpicker provides you with:

  • Periodic, automated, scheduled backups of the configurations of all your network devices (117+ supported vendors)
  • An easy-to-use, graphical interface to check the configs of your devices and run real-time show commands
  • Built-in comparison of device configs, useful in case of change management audits, pre- and post-change checks, post-mortems after security incidents
  • A CIS test library to check for best practices and common misconfigurations for most major vendors
  • A CVE test library to check for known vulnerabilities in your devices, unpatched or outdated versions

For NetDevOps engineers, Netpicker provides powerful tools to automate your network configuration management:

  • A graphical interface to test and debug your Python scripts against your network devices with real-time feedback
  • A powerful REST API that enables you to automate everything you can do manually in Netpicker
  • A fully open data set-up: you can export and import your Python tests and device backups from the underlying Git repository

What do I get with Netpicker?

We see Netpicker as a platform for network testing and automation. This means that Netpicker provides the building blocks you need to build your own tests. We provide:

  • a test runner
  • example Python test scripts
  • documentation on how to write your own tests
  • a GUI for running, scheduling and debugging tests
  • an API which you can use to automate things

The rest is up to you! We encourage sharing your tests with the open-source NetDevOps community and will be actively participating ourselves.

For some example use cases, check out our Use Cases page or Get started with Netpicker right away!